Our Specialists

Our massage therapists are highly skilled and trained in areas that set them apart from the vast majority of LMPs in practice today. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident or just want to relax, your experience at All About U Tacoma massage clinic will be nothing short of amazing.


Massage has been a part of her life since she was a young child. Growing up, she would constantly get shin-splints, sometimes the pain was so severe it was debilitating. Her Mother would massage her legs to help ease the pain. Massage worked better, and more efficiently than over the counter medication that we normally self-prescribe for acute pain. When she was older, Her Mother developed Plantar Fasciitis, she would use similar massage techniques to ease her Mothers pain. This, is where She believes her passion for massage therapy started within her heart.

It was in October of 2007, when She answered her calling to become a massage therapist by attending Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Upon completing education in October of 2008, She acquired a position in the rehabilitation department of the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center. While at LVVSC, She introduced massage therapy as addition to their standard therapy practices, which has now become a part of their standard practice. In 2010, She relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and transitioned massage from veterinary medicine to chiropractic care and various alternative medical practices.  

Adrianna, completely believes in the healing aspects of massage therapy. From breaking down of scar tissue post-surgery allowing for better blood flow and increasing range of motion, to de-stressing the rigors of day to day life, massage never ceases to amaze her with its endless applications and benefits. Throughout her 7yrs as a massage practitioner, massage therapy has taught her and continues the importance of caring for one’s body as a whole (mind-body- spirit).

She states “Massage helps us in many ways, bringing us back to center, allowing us to breathe, guiding us in ways to heal ourselves on multiple levels. Massage is an ever growing field, filled with new discoveries and new techniques, deepening our understanding of the human body. Truly, massage has woven threads of healing into my inner being. I consider myself fortunate to be able to say, I love what I do, my only hope is that you will love what I do too.”


Kevin was born in Bellevue, raised in Tacoma and later moved to Alaska to become a man. Kevin has a wealth of life experiences which has taught him to enjoy all of the little moments, celebrating his successes and learning from his failures. Kevin moved down from Alaska with his family in 2013, which allowed him the opportunity to take a new turn and return to his real passion.

With a desire for helping others and the need to work with his hands, Kevin saw his path in life and become a massage therapist. Enrolling in Body Mechanics school of Massage and Myotherapy in 2002, he discovered his talent for trigger point, deep muscle therapy, and an understanding of the human structure. He was unable to finish the program at that time but was able to take that knowledge with him to complete his degree ten years later with the Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics in 2015. His education was rounded out with a more holistic outlook of the human body and a greater appreciation of the body’s ability to heal itself. Although he enjoys traditional relaxation massage, along with prenatal work, his first love is trigger point and other structural pain relief modalities.

Kevin’s other passions include board games with his family and other social hobbies which rely on imagination, a sharp mind and keen intelligence. He is an avid practitioner of martial arts through the use of Tai Chi and western martial traditions.


Jocelyn started her massage school journey at 18 right after she graduated from Clover Park High school. Jocelyn hadn't decide that this was the career path she was going to take until the end of her senior year, where unfortunately her mother had injured back. Her mother had to go through physical therapy and massage therapy to help with the pain and get her back to normal again. One day when dropping off her mom for her a massage, Jocelyn had become very interested in massage after seeing her mother progress in her treatments and started doing more research on massage therapy she loved how diverse this career field was. Shortly after her research she enrolled at Clover Park Technical College’s massage program. Jocelyn graduated on August 29, 2014 and has been a working massage therapist since then specializing in treatment work.

 Jocelyn loves using treatment massage techniques like myofascial release, neuromuscular tricks and stretching to help release trigger points and knots. Jocelyn also loves doing deep tissue work. Her favorite type of massage to perform is prenatal (pregnancy) massage. But she also loves working with people who was injured in a car accident or just from living in general.

Jocelyn Grant has many of hobbies a recent one that she found was Ashtanga yoga. She learned this type of yoga last August in Vietnam from her uncle Jabari who has been a Ashtanga yoga teacher for 20+ years. She can't get over how good her body feels and how at peace her mind is after every session. Jocelyn’s other hobbies include camping, hiking around the mountains in Washington, and she hopes to take up rock climbing later on. She also loves to eat and sample foods with her husband which come from all different parts of the world.


Lori Moralez is a certified Shiatsu Practitioner, and licensed massage practitioner, also having worked as a physical therapy aide and surgical technologist.

She became a certified shiatsu practitioner in 1993, and graduated from the Body and Mind Academy in Kirkland, Washington in 1995. She specializes in shoulder, neck, hip, knee, and spinal injuries. Also, pre-natal massages, sports injuries, reflexology, repetitive stress injuries, and shiatsu.

Lori has done volunteer work with seniors for the past 25 years and loves assisting them to become more self-reliant. She has also worked with women and children coming from abusive environments. Her passion is teaching others to utilize self-care, and decrease daily stress.

“Knowledge is Power.”

Lori believes awareness of your environmental stressors and patterns is the firststep in making positive changes. “Shiatsu theory” is, that any and all conditions / symptoms can be treated and healing is possible. Lori says, “Massage has changed my life and created endless possibilities for healing. Some of which are situations that I never thought would change, have now become possible.”

Some of Lori’s interests are reading, gardening, Do-it- yourself projects, cooking, and playing guitar. She also enjoys spending spare time with family and friends playing games, and listening to music!


Chelsea is a recent graduate of the Cortiva Institute of massage. Her journey to massage school started at a very young age when she watched her step mother become a massage therapist. She knew then that she loved the human body and wanted to work within the healing profession.

Before coming to find her own way within the massage field Chelsea has had a deep passion and commitment to this community. She went to The Evergreen State College and received a BA in community development minoring in psychology. She worked for Boys and Girls club during her years in college and is still active within the Tacoma community.

Chelsea is dedicated wholeheartedly to the facilitation of healing the mind body spirit on the collective as well as the individual level. She is reiki level 1 certified and is eager to continue her education.

On her off time you can always catch her with her nose in a book or planning her next international trip.


Heather has always enjoyed learning about the wonders of the human body and the amazing things it can do. She made her decision to become a massage therapist while she was just a freshman in high school. She was enrolled in massage school just a few short months after high school in 2009 and has always been proud of the decision she has made to help people.

Heather specializes in helping those that suffer from neck and shoulder pain. She has had wonderful results with clients that regularly had to deal with migraines. She integrates treatment work in with a relaxation massage to help the whole body feel at peace.

Heather chose massage to be able to help people relax and ease the pains that daily life can cause. She was drawn towards massage at a young age and found that she had a natural talent for it. She continues to further her education and practice her career with true passion. Heather is happy to be part of the All About U team!


Herman Harp is a 2013 Graduate of Everest College where he received training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Treatment and Sports Massage and many other Massage modalities. He also completed the Spa Specialist program, giving him access to many techniques he uses to create a relaxing and healing environment for his clients.

Herman has many goals for his career in Massage. Two of those are to continue his interest in treatment massage specific to neck and low back injuries and practice Eastern modalities such as Acupressure, Cupping and Reiki.

Before practicing Massage therapy, Herman spent 4 years as a job coach for adults with Autism. This helped him develop a deep empathy and compassion for people. He always seeks to connect and understand those around him, which translates greatly in his treatment work. One of his greatest attributes being his ability to breakdown and explain his actions to his clients. His clients feel like they are heard, understood and they are always on the same page. This helps them feel more aware of their bodies helping them to achieve the goals of better health and wellness they are looking for.


Josh was interested in massage while he was attending Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas, California. Helping others was something he knew he wanted. He took his first massage class months after he graduated in 1999 and knew it was the career he would pursue. It took a while to reach, with life getting in the way as it does, but massage was always in his mind.

He started working in retail as a picture framer at Michael’s arts and crafts. It provided him an opportunity to work one on one with people helping with their visions of what their art should be. He quickly learned that the best part for him was seeing the customers face when they saw the completed vision. Solidifying his want to help others achieve happiness. Josh next went into finishing work in construction. Though different in most respects, knowing the houses he worked on were going to people realizing a dream of ownership, he pushed himself to do the best work possible to ensure their happiness.

Josh has completed many massage classes through the years in different states finishing with Everest College in 2011 and getting his licensure. He has worked for the last five years with chiropractors and massage therapists learning from them and honing his skills. He specializes in relaxation and deep tissue massage and is taking an interest in modalities that involve the movement of the body and its role in the healing process.

Some of Josh’s interests include reading, and spending time with his family. He is also working on becoming physically healthier and looks forward to the time when someone has found that pizza and pastries are good dietary foods.

Christine, Esthetics

Christine’s 14 years experience as a licensed Esthetician & Cosmetologist focuses on healing and prevention for your skin care needs. She is committed to helping achieve long term results in anti-aging and youthful preservation.

Her holistic approach includes a very natural and broad based path to healing. While Esthetics addresses the external needs of caring for and treating your skin, Christine’s methods include an overall healing that addresses the energetic aspects of stress and aging. As an energy healer and life coach she brings many years of study and education. She spent six years at the Vibrational Health Institute studying health, healing and the evolution of consciousness.

In addition to receiving outstanding Esthetics services, you may also want to experience the benefits of Christine’s other healing modalities. This includes energy healing, restorative touch, reiki, and destiny card readings.