Our Specialists

Our massage therapists are highly skilled and trained in areas that set them apart from the vast majority of LMPs in practice today. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident or just want to relax, your experience at All About U Tacoma massage clinic will be nothing short of amazing.


Massage has been a part of her life since she was a young child. Growing up, she would constantly get shin-splints, sometimes the pain was so severe it was debilitating. Her Mother would massage her legs to help ease the pain. Massage worked better, and more efficiently than over the counter medication that we normally self-prescribe for acute pain. When she was older, Her Mother developed Plantar Fasciitis, she would use similar massage techniques to ease her Mothers pain. This, is where She believes her passion for massage therapy started within her heart.

It was in October of 2007, when She answered her calling to become a massage therapist by attending Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Upon completing education in October of 2008, She acquired a position in the rehabilitation department of the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center. While at LVVSC, She introduced massage therapy as addition to their standard therapy practices, which has now become a part of their standard practice. In 2010, She relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and transitioned massage from veterinary medicine to chiropractic care and various alternative medical practices.  

Adrianna, completely believes in the healing aspects of massage therapy. From breaking down of scar tissue post-surgery allowing for better blood flow and increasing range of motion, to de-stressing the rigors of day to day life, massage never ceases to amaze her with its endless applications and benefits. Throughout her 7yrs as a massage practitioner, massage therapy has taught her and continues the importance of caring for one’s body as a whole (mind-body- spirit).

She states “Massage helps us in many ways, bringing us back to center, allowing us to breathe, guiding us in ways to heal ourselves on multiple levels. Massage is an ever growing field, filled with new discoveries and new techniques, deepening our understanding of the human body. Truly, massage has woven threads of healing into my inner being. I consider myself fortunate to be able to say, I love what I do, my only hope is that you will love what I do too.”


Chelsea is a recent graduate of the Cortiva Institute of massage. Her journey to massage school started at a very young age when she watched her step mother become a massage therapist. She knew then that she loved the human body and wanted to work within the healing profession.

Before coming to find her own way within the massage field Chelsea has had a deep passion and commitment to this community. She went to The Evergreen State College and received a BA in community development minoring in psychology. She worked for Boys and Girls club during her years in college and is still active within the Tacoma community.

Chelsea is dedicated wholeheartedly to the facilitation of healing the mind body spirit on the collective as well as the individual level. She is reiki level 1 certified and is eager to continue her education.

On her off time you can always catch her with her nose in a book or planning her next international trip.


Josh was interested in massage while he was attending Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas, California. Helping others was something he knew he wanted. He took his first massage class months after he graduated in 1999 and knew it was the career he would pursue. It took a while to reach, with life getting in the way as it does, but massage was always in his mind.

He started working in retail as a picture framer at Michael’s arts and crafts. It provided him an opportunity to work one on one with people helping with their visions of what their art should be. He quickly learned that the best part for him was seeing the customers face when they saw the completed vision. Solidifying his want to help others achieve happiness. Josh next went into finishing work in construction. Though different in most respects, knowing the houses he worked on were going to people realizing a dream of ownership, he pushed himself to do the best work possible to ensure their happiness.

Josh has completed many massage classes through the years in different states finishing with Everest College in 2011 and getting his licensure. He has worked for the last five years with chiropractors and massage therapists learning from them and honing his skills. He specializes in relaxation and deep tissue massage and is taking an interest in modalities that involve the movement of the body and its role in the healing process.

Some of Josh’s interests include reading, and spending time with his family. He is also working on becoming physically healthier and looks forward to the time when someone has found that pizza and pastries are good dietary foods.


Growing up, Mary had no idea she would one day become the massage therapist she is today. She used to want to be a teacher. After that she wanted to be a doctor, but couldn’t stand the sights associated. Years later while working at a warehouse she got an advertisement in the mail for a discounted massage from Cortiva Institute. For months Mary meant to call and schedule an appointment to receive a massage, but never did. Finally that idea to schedule a massage turned into the idea that this was a way she could help people without the sights associated with being a doctor.

Mary had never had a massage before she began to attend Cortiva Institute, but with support of her classmates, friends, and family she discovered she enjoys giving massage even more than receiving one. She most enjoys treating pain through therapeutic touch, stretching, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Techniques. Due to an active lifestyle she has applications for Sports massage as well. Mary believes it is challenging for her patients to relax without experiencing relief from pain. She addresses the issues and focuses on providing a relaxing yet therapeutic experience.

In her free time, Mary enjoys keeping active with Poke walks with her family, casually doing 5K walks with her kids, and foam sword fighting at the park.

JEREMY, LAC – Acupuncture

Jeremy is a recent graduate of Bastyr University where he received a Masters in Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2016. Jeremy’s path that led to studying Traditional Chinese Medicine was a roundabout one, but he would point out that his path always led to becoming a TCM practitioner. In 2006, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Washington University in East Asian Studies with minors in Mandarin Chinese, History, and Anthropology. After graduation, he struggled to find a way to combine his interest in Chinese culture and his passion for helping his community become a healthier and happier place. Then he discovered the profound effect of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine.

During his studies at Bastyr, his passion for promoting healing and wellness was fully realized. Areas of special interest include pain management, women’s health, as well as mental/emotional well-being.  He has a deep tool box and seeks to meet the patient where they are in their journey to healing and tailor a treatment plan based specific to their goals.  He does this by utilizing the traditional modalities of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, manual therapy, food as medicine, and lifestyle coaching. When the situation arises, he also likes to employ newer modalities including tuning forks, cold laser therapy, electro-acupuncture and point injection therapy

Jeremy completed an intensive three-week internship in one of Shanghai’s most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals. While in China, he witnessed the seamless integration of Eastern and Western healing modalities. This experience inspires him to bring integration between the two philosophies to meet the patient where they are at in their journey towards wholeness.

When Jeremy is away from the office he enjoys adventures in the outdoors with his golden doodle Teddy. He is passionate about volunteering in the community and donates his time and skills monthly to Seattle Acupuncture for Veterans.


Corri’s journey with massage started at the front desk of a spa. She worked there and through connecting with clients, she learned that her purpose was massage therapy. That’s when she decided to enroll at Cortiva Institute of Massage for the 2016 school year. She finished her training at the top of her class and hasn’t stopped pursuing this passion since! She enjoys massage because it gives her the ability to not only connect with her clients – but facilitates her ability to heal them in a natural way.
She specializes in deep tissue, treatment, and injury massage. She starts her treatments focusing on you as a person and your goals so she can really connect and discover the best plan that will heal your physical form. This allows her to connect on a personal level so she can create a healing plan that not only helps you but serves you as well! She creates a healing path that you both walk down on your journey to better health.

In her free time, she enjoys the beautiful outdoors of the PNW. Her and her son can always be found on a new adventure in the wilderness. From hiking to kayaking to off the grid camping, she enjoys all this planet has to offer.
Connect with Corri today to start your healing journey!


Brent’s passion for Massage started in his youth, massaging his Father’s scalp at night. His love and skill developed over time, by sharing his talent amongst friends and family. While Brent was serving in the Air Force, his Father was involved in an accident which left him unable to walk without a limp and cane. His father went to a Chiropractor who in turn referred him to a massage therapist. The care his father received helped him to walk again without limp or a cane. Watching this amazing recovery gave Brent renewed interest in Massage as a career choice. When Brent transitioned from serving his country full-time in the Air Force to being part of the Air Force Reserves, he went to school to serve others through Massage.
His Professional journey started at Seattle Massage School in February of 1994. His training included a three-month internship at Tacoma general Hospital. He volunteered in the Mother-Baby infant ward and the Oncology ward. He graduated in February 1995; soon after graduating, he was offered a teaching position at Seattle Massage School, a position he held for 2 years before starting his journey in private practice.
In his 20-plus years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Brent has worked with Physical Therapists, an Acupuncturist, a Doctor of Family Medicine, a Pediatrist, and several Chiropractors. He is proficient in Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Energy work, Polarity, injury recovery, Sports massage. He has also taken classes in Orthopedic massage techniques and some new Nerve impingement classes, which he is actively working toward being certified in. He loves to learn about massage and help others with his skills and knowledge.
Brent’s hobbies include kayaking, dancing, woodworking and Qi Gong, (in which he is a certified instructor). He and his wife are very involved with their 5 kids and Grandkids.