How it Works

All About U is here to assist you with your massage therapist staffing needs.

We specialize in placing well qualified, licensed massage therapists for per diem, temporary or permanent employment assignments to cover:

  • Spikes in Workload
  • Unexpected Staffing Shortages
  • Vacations
  • Sick Days or Maternity Leave
  • Seasonal Fluctuations
  • Office Transitioning
  • Scheduling Dilemmas
  • Special Events

Our customized approach is flexible, adaptable, and ready to meet any client’s short or long term staffing requirements. We handle all recruiting, including reference checks, skills evaluation, interviewing, and screening employees. Save time and money by letting us find the perfect massage professional for you!

Benefits of using temporary and contract staffing include:

  • Increase Revenue Opportunities
  • Reduce Lost Revenue
  • Staff Only When Needed
  • No Payroll or Employment Taxes
  • Avoid Customer Rescheduling Inconvenience
  • See if it’s a Good fit Before Permanent Hiring

Don’t miss out on opportunities to provide your customers with the professional services your business offers because of circumstances out of your control!

Call or email us today and a representative will contact you immediately. We will find the best match for your specific needs and can have a therapist to you in as little as two hours. Weekend and evening hours are also available upon request.