• Medical Massage

    Focuses on injury treatment and rehabilitation.
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  • Relaxation / Swedish Massage

    Swedish relaxation techniques soothe tired or aching muscles, and relax the entire body. Our clients love our heated tables and warm, fuzzy blankets. Oil or lotion is used to help hands glide across skin in long strokes, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. The nervous system is soothed, stress is dramatically reduced, and a deep healing state is achieved. The ideal wellness massage.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Deep Tissue Massage / Injury Treatment

    The deeper pressure and slower strokes of deep tissue massage techniques work to realign layers of connective tissue. Even old scars and injuries can be positively affected. Your therapist and you work together to determine the pressure that’s right for you. Athletic and active people often prefer this form of massage, which can enhance performance.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Sports Massage

    Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a perpetually active person, a weekend warrior or just want to finish the Sound to Narrows, we can help you! Sports massage focuses on warming and waking up major muscle groups, ligaments and joints before activity and cooling everything down afterward.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Cupping Therapy

    Cupping is a method of using gentle suction to relieve local congestion by applying partial vacuum in a cup to the skin. This causes a dramatic increase in local circulation and promotes loosening of adhesions between connective tissue and muscles.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy can place tremendous stress on the back, feet, andother areas of the body. Prenatal massage has all the pain and stress relieving qualities of massage, while still being appropriate for pregnancy. Special bolstering techniques such as a “nest of pillows” are used to relieve pressure and support the belly. Regular prenatal massage sessions may help prevent or lessen stretch marks by enhancing the skin’s ability to stretch as the baby grows.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Hot Stone Massage

    Stones are heated in a hot water bath, then used to perform an incredibly relaxing massage at your preferred depth of pressure – anything from relaxation to deep tissue. The stones are very effective for aching joints. The grounding and centering qualities of massage are tremendously enhanced as the stones seem to absorb your stress and tension. Fantastic for the chronically cold or on a chilly day!
    *60 min – $95 | *90 min – $130

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy

    A gentle, hands-on technique that usually uses no more than 5-10 grams of pressure in an effort to restore balance and release restrictions within the cranio-sacral system. This profoundly relaxing technique stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, helping to restore balance after injury, trauma, chronic illness and surgeries.
    *30 min – $40 | *60 min – $70 | *90 min – $100

  • Reflexology Foot Treatment

    Reflexology dates back to ancient China, Egypt, Japan, India, and Russia. From manuscripts, illustrations, and artifacts we know that this pressure therapy was regarded as preventive and therapeutic medicine. Based on the premise that the feet are a perfect map of the human body, professional massage of specific reflex points identifies imbalances and inefficiencies, and works to stimulate better function in the corresponding areas of the body.  Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension, and fatigue, and has been proven effective in cleansing the body of toxins, increasing circulation, and improving overall health. The 30 minute includes a consultation and reflexology treatment suited to your needs.
    *30 min – $45 | *60 min – $110