Zenbodytherapy® Structural Integration

Zenbodytherapy® is a synergistic blend of the western bodywork traditions pioneered by Ida Rolf (Rolfing®), Lauren Berry, Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais®) and Raymond Nimmo (Trigger Point Therapy®); combined with the Zen traditions of Japan, relayed through Roshi Tanouye Tensing Rotaishi, Master Zen practitioner and teacher.

Zentherapy® recognizes that life is a flow of energy from birth to death. This energy flows more freely when the natural state of the body has been freed of the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological, spiritual traumas and other things that cause an imbalance between the body and gravity.

The overall goal of Zenbodytherapy® is to give the body its optimum functionality in movement and in stillness. It accomplishes this by preparing, balancing, and aligning the soft tissue of the body in relationship with itself and its environment.

Creating real change for the real world!

This Is Powerful Work was designed and developed by William “Dub” Leigh for people seeking real, lasting change.

Running shorts, boxer briefs or “cut off” yoga pants are acceptable and sports bras for female patients.

Pictures will be taken before the first session and after the 3rd, 7th, and 10th sessions. This will allow the practitioner and the client to mark progress and discuss future goals. It also provides a visual representation of the real change that has occurred through Zentherapy® treatment.

Cost per session $120 for each of 10 sessions.

Cost per 10 sessions paid in advance $1000.

Zenbodytherpy® Structural Integration

Zentherapy® is a specific system of restoring the body’s natural function through structural integration. The system was developed by William “Dub” Leigh who created it through years of training with some of the true pioneers of bodywork. The main objective is to realign the body in relation to gravity and reintroduce optimal movement patterns. Dub has incorporated elements of Rolfing®, Feldenkrais®, NIMMO Trigger Point Therapy®, master Zen vital energy (known as vital ki in the Japanese tradition) healing massage modalities and produced a blend that uses elements of soft tissue manipulation and myofascial release to remove restrictions with the body’s connective tissue. When the connective tissue is restored, it rehabilitates scar tissue, frees the nerves, muscles, organs and other functional structures to work at their highest capacity. This also frees the body’s energy and cardiovascular systems and allows them to operate at a higher level. It is an elegant combination of Eastern and Western practices that often feels like very deep tissue massage work.

Zenbodytherapy® is a series of ten consecutive sessions where each section of the body will be transformed through myofascial release and targeted trigger point work. During the first three sessions, patients will experience superficial changes that will include breaking down chronic muscle memory and negative thought patterns. Sessions four and five will include work on the body’s core, where all movement starts and is typically people store their deepest fears and anxieties. During the next three sessions, the patient and practitioner will work on correcting arms, legs, neck and head. This will improve the flow of kinetic energy throughout the body, allowing more freedom of movement. The last few sessions are intended to clean up and adjust the body with the changes throughout the previous sessions.

This work is typically very deep and can be unpleasant. As such, there are certain clothing requirements for patients to allow improved freedom of movement. Female patients will need to wear shorts and sports bras and male patients will need to wear shorts as draping is not used in this type of body work. There will be pictures before treatment begins and at several stages along the way. This will guide the practitioner and the patient to improve and achieve the best results and restore the highest level of optimal function possible. This should be expected and will be discussed with patients in advance.